How Much Does It Cost
To Make An App?

OSC is a tool that helps you decide on your app's basic architecture, allows you to choose your app's frameworks and features, and produces an estimate for how much it'll cost to build your app while recommending steps to help you begin.

Which Domain do you like ?


Which devices will your app run on ?

Did you know? Android has approximately 14% greater market share over Apple, however the Apple App Store brings in up to 70% more revenue than Google Play.


What type of app do you want to create ?

Decisions, Decisions. Try to select a category that you feel best describes the app. This is how a customer will find it in Google Play or the App Store.


What type of business owns the app idea ?

The right fit. Not all developers work with all kinds of businesses. Answering this will help us choose the right path for you and your app.


When Would you like to start your project ?

It's about time. Sometimes speed to market can lead to the success of an app. Other times it's best to keep it slow and steady. You decide.


What features should your app have ?

Details, details. Choosing the right features to include in your app make differentiate it from its competitors and take it to the next level.


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